Estella Farms has heritage Tamworth pigs. These pigs forage and graze on pasture grasses year-round freely. It takes about 10 months for them to mature. The pork meat is juicy, tender and safe. We offer farm-direct pork to local restaurants, stores, and individual customers.

How It Works

Place an order for half or a whole pig. Join our waiting list with a deposit of $100. When your pig reaches market weight, we will contact you to confirm the processing date and will bring the pig to a local processor for slaughtering.

You can choose either standard cuts or custom order cuts. Your pork will be wrapped nicely for you, ready to be put in your freezer at home. You will need to pay slaughter and butchering fee as charged by the butcher.

Whole and half pigs are available from the butcher if you prefer to cut your own meat. If you buy pigs this way, you only need to pay the hanging price per pound plus slaughter fee. Freezing is free and assumed by the butcher unless you specify fresh not frozen.

What is hanging weight?

A 250 lbs. pig yields a hanging weight of about 180 lbs. after slaughter without head, skin, feet or tail. This is how we sell our pigs – by the hot hanging weight after slaughter. If you want your pig to be commercially cut and neatly wrapped, you get about 67% of hanging weight or about 120 lbs. of actual cuts.

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How to Order?

  1. Call Bin 509-879-9478 to order over the phone.
  2. Sign up online. We will contact you immediately.

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