Internship Program

Estella Farms is certified to accept up to three Interns at any time during the year of 2016. The farm offers on-the-job learning opportunities to interns in sustainable and organic agriculture. Interns will learn to seed, transplant, and harvest. They will learn watering methods and weed prevention strategies.  We are going to make use of 4 of the curriculum available online— Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) Farm Internship Curriculum and Handbook

1. Direct seeding

2. Transplanting

3. Weed Management

4. Harvesting/Post harvest Handling and Food Safety

Our program will offer job shadowing opportunities that allow an intern to learn all or some of the skills of vegetable growing in the above 4 curricula. Depending on the time the interns need to spend on the farm required by their school or by individual choice, we can tailor our program to their needs. Interns can discuss with our manager at the beginning of the program what they want to focus on or whether they want to cover the contents in all 4 curricula or only one.  Interns are not paid. Temporary housing can be arranged. Interns get fresh vegetables and occasionally meat.

Our program will collaborate closely with the Horticulture Department in Spokane Community College and Pat Munts from Spokane Conservation District and WSU Spokane Extension. We will seek technical support from them and other local experts. Our farm will continue to host workshops by local organizations and our interns will be invited to join workshops conducted by those organizations. This is our first year doing this. We hope to develop and grow as we are involved in such an intern program. Contact Bin for details at 509-879-9478.

Let us know that you are interested