Going Green

The winter of 2015 might have been very mild, but not enough for vegetables to grow outside yet at this time of year in Deer Park, Washington. However, inside our little greenhouse, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, salad greens and cabbage are growing big enough to be consumed.

Last week, I used some kale in my salad. I washed a bunch of kale leaves and then roughly chopped them. There was no need to take the ribs out of the leaves because they were tender, juicy and easy to chew. The kale leaves from our greenhouse are certainly different from what you usually get from a grocery store. Then, I put the chopped leaves into boiling water for just a few seconds. After that, I washed the leaves in cold water and leave them in a colander to drain. To complete the salad dish, I just tossed some rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt, mixed nuts and raisins together. The salad had great flavor and was very satisfying.

This is the first time for Estella Farms to try growing vegetables in the green house. It can get a little bit too cold at night and a little too hot during the day time sometimes because the greenhouse’s heating and cooling system is not working yet. The greens take a long time to grow. The seeds were sowed last November. Still, it is promising. We hope we can provide organic and nutritious cold-hardy greens to local foodies all year around. We will also use our greenhouse to start seeds in spring. This year, Estella Farms plans to work together with a local solar company to install solar panels on the farm so that we can use green energy to operate the farm. Estella Farms is going green!