About Us

Estella Farms is located in Deer Park, 18 miles north of Spokane, Washington. The farm covers more than 160 acres just outside the city limits of Deer Park. It also includes a 6-acre lake and 10 acres of wetlands, which provide habitat for wild ducks, geese, and birds.

the farm

The farm’s owners John and Bin love this piece of land and are dedicated to using sustainable farming techniques that will keep this land beautiful and at the same time provide organic and healthy vegetables and meat from the farm directly to your table. Our farm offers on-the-job learning opportunities to interns in sustainable and organic agriculture.

We welcome people to come to visit  and experience the farm. Free tour is offered to individuals as well as group. Contact John for appointment at 509-869-6122.

Fresh Vegetables

Estella Farms grows a large variety of organic vegetables (USDA certified). We don’t use any synthetic petrochemical fertilizers or pesticides. We use crop rotation, green manure, compost, and drip irrigation to conserve water and soil quality and reduce pollution. We use green house and hoop house for season extension. Our vegetables are nutritious and healthy and they are so tasty. Come to our veggie stand at the farm and you will know.


Right now, Estella Farms has grazing Tamworth pigs and shearing-free Katahdin Sheep, specially selected for their hardiness and juicy and tender meat. We fence off grazing area into small paddocks and rotate our animals in different pastures. We grow our own naturally grown hay and our animals get organic vegetables as treats.

Estella Farms plans to use solar and hydro  as its energy resources. We are working with local business to install solar system in 2015. We hope to make use of the Dragoon Lake dam to produce hydro power in the future (looking for grants). We would like to involve experts and entrepreneurs in the local community to develop Estella Farms together.

farm drawing

You can reach us by calling 509-869-6122 or submitting the form below.